About Michelle

One quarter Marketer, one quarter Data Ninja, one quarter Analyst, and one quarter Technologist

Academic Credentials

MBA, Marketing Research, MSU

BA, Business Entrepreneurship, MSU

Social Media Marketing Diploma,
Alison Online Learning
Diploma No. 318-7993299

Certificate: Google Analytics,

Certificate: Professional Certified

Certificate: Direct Marketing,
The Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

Certificate: Inbound Marketing
, HubSpot Academy

Certificate: Email Marketing,
HubSpot Academy

Certificate: Direct and Interactive
, The Direct Marketing
Association (DMA)

Seasoned Marketing Professional ready to transform your business.

I am an undercover technology geek since my college years. I fell in love with marketing research during my MBA program and immediately began my career as an Analyst which progressed into Nomenclature Market research, eMarketing, eBusiness and now Digital Marketing. I typically find myself acting a demand generation role leading digital transformations which includes everything from mentoring teams and developing the pipeline marketing and sales process, piloting and implementing paid digital media plans, performance management, administrating the MAP, SFA and Sales Engagement platforms, developing the data architecture and personas all the way into KPI development and Digital Storytelling


I bring to you over 25 years of marketing experience from SMB and start-ups to global enterprise companies.  Industry experience includes Software, Business Services, Telephony, Tele-Health, Financial Services, Nomenclature Research, Healthcare and Construction. My passion for excellence is driven by a lifelong thirst for knowledge, optimism and a genuine love of people, culture and behavior.  ​

Throughout my career, I have been an innovator and early adopter of marketing and data management techniques and technologies. Today, I pull together the knowledge from my masters education and six certificates, analytic and statistical skills and combine them with years of experience with dozens of SaaS technologies to offer short and long term engagements.

I have dozens of exciting years in marketing and sales. The most recent sixteen were specializing in marketing automation,  digital lead generation, ABM and pipeline development.

My resume includes senior management positions at several Fortune 500 companies in the communications and software industries as well as consulting engagements with several businesses in the health care and financial services sectors. I have a broad range of experience in launching new platforms and helping companies achieve their next stage of growth by improving marketing effectiveness and becoming more customer-focused.


After years of working with several consulting companies, I decided to focus on meeting the crucial corporate need by supplying a truly digitally experienced senior marketer available on a contract basis. And with that, I am now a marketing freelancer who loves to design, build, optimize and maintain lead generation machines and build performance management platforms to measure your effectiveness!


I earned my MBA in Marketing Research and BA in Business Management. I also hold several prestigious certificates from the Direct Marketing Association, American Marketing Association, Google, Hubspot and Alison. As marketing is an ever-changing and continually in a state of evolution career, I am sure there will be more added to the list soon.

Prior to self-employment, I spent twelve years as the Director of Worldwide Operations at Unify, an Atos Company (fka, Siemens Communications) and Citrix Systems. In both, I directly led the development of six marketing automation platforms, campaign management systems and data management tools. Recent executive level freelance projects include a Pardot, Hubspot and Salesforce reconfiguration and optimization projects, Paid and Unpaid Digital Marketing (Email, Search, Display, Social and SEO), Telephony + Outreach implementations, pipeline optimization, scoring and data model development with several large data migrations.

Today, I find myself in love with driving demand digitally, building and maintaining lead generation machines, living within the digital transformation age and working with data to expand the view of the customer’s omni-channel journey. I am available for short and long term engagements (W2,1099, C2C).

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