Independent Marketing Consultant

Take the hassle of technology off your mind, and put it into the hands of a hybrid marketing professional.

What clients are saying…

At B2R Finance (, we hired Michelle to provide strategic and tactical support for a variety of sales / marketing ops needs. Our sales lead funnel tracking was far from optimized and she provided both the strategy on how to improve it, and then rolled-up her sleeves to provide specific system requirements for our technical team to deploy…
Matt Malanga

SVP Marketing, TrustPilot. Formerly CMO, B2R Finance.

Michelle is an extremely experienced digital marketing executive who has her pulse on the digital revolution !

I would highly recommend her for a role in any company that is looking to improve their digital strategy & footprint.

Randy Parker

Founder, MDLIVE Inc.

Michelle is a highly skilled digital marketing expert, capable of solving complex issues and creating/executing highly effective strategies and tactical programs to achieve business goals. Able to work with multiple functions and personalities to build support and the necessary coordination with IT, product, sales, marketing, etc..and with outside agencies, suppliers. Successfully designed and executed comprehensive digital marketing program achieving record results despite budget and infrastructure constraints.
Gary Johnson

SVP Marketing, R1 RCM. Formerly CMO, MDLIVE Inc.

Experience is Key

The perfect combination:

One quarter marketer, one quarter data ninja,
one quarter analyst, & one quarter technologist!

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