Additional Testimonials & References

just a few of my satisfied clients … 

Marketing Operations & Demand Gen

Michelle is a rare talent in B2B marketing today because she deeply understands the importance of data and at the same time focuses on finding innovative ways to leverage automation across the whole value chain… She’s the expert I turn to for an opinion and the ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ fixer I depended on. Her passion for customer experience and creative thinking are a powerful combination.

Katrina Lowes

Head of Marketing, Vodafone Global Enterprise. Formerly SVP Marketing, Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Demand Generation & Automation

… Michelle can simultaneously track the big picture strategy and a million execution details in a way that is always exactly aligned with company strategy.  She single-handedly created the virtual team and processes for improving customer data quality at Citrix, and took on their day-to-day management, without giving up her day job managing our Marketing database and campaign segmentation….

Peter Tait

Founder, Customer Engines and Head of Corporate Marketing Operations, Acxiom. Formerly VP Marketing, Citrix Systems.

Marketing Operations, Automation & Transformation

Michelle was instrumental in implementing our marketing reporting and automation systems. She effectively led a multi-year effort which involved evaluating a number of the top marketing automation platforms and deploying a new marketing automation system (Aprimo) that dramatically improved business performance. Her ability to design new processes and her deep expertise in automation platforms,, and the integration of the two were key enablers of our success. ….Michelle was also effective in globally transforming our data quality and data management policies. She introduced new policies and tools/ techniques to dramatically improve our data quality and help keep our data “evergreen”…

Patrick Kehoe

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Coalfire Systems, Inc. Fomerly SVP Marketing, Unify, Inc.